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Sporting activities centre

CAD Our Centro de Actividades Deportivas (C.A.D.) intends to plan and schedule both recreational and competitive sport activities in the University of Granada. Our facilities can be used by the members of the University and the inhabitants of Granada, since we offer a wide range of activities, such as adult sport activities, youth sport schools, sport competitions and private booking of facilities.

Administrative and technical offices

  • CAMPUS FUENTENUEVA. Paseo Profesor Juan Ossorio s/n (Paseos Universitarios). Telephone numbers: 0034 958 240 956 / 0034 958 243 144. Fax 958 243 143.
  • CAMPUS CARTUJA. Calle Profesor Clavera s/n. Telephone/Fax number: 958 242 892.

Visiting hours

  • CAMPUS FUENTENUEVA. Monday-Friday, 9 to 14.
  • CAMPUS CARTUJA. Monday-Friday, 9 to 14.

Feel free to visit us if you need help regarding any of the following issues:

  • Applying for the academic year sport card
  • Booking facilities
  • Registering for competitions (competition office)
  • Registering for adult and youth sport activities

Please note: The members of the University of Granada also have the possibility to register online by using the tool “Acceso Identificado”.

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