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C.A.D. Facilities

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CAD Our Centro de Actividades Deportivas (C.A.D.) counts with a great number of sport facilities which can be used by all the inhabitants of Granada, whether they belong to the University or not. These facilities are spread across the University Campuses Fuentenueva and Cartuja.

Owning these facilities allows us to offer a wide range of sport activities, such as health-oriented activities, sport-learning activities, university competitions and private booking of facilities.

Fuentenueva Campus

Fuente nueva
At the heart of Granada, next to the Faculty of Science, Civil and Construction Engineering, are the Fuentenueva Campus sport facilities. The following facilities are available:

2 indoor sports halls
5 multisport courts
2 beach volleyball courts
1 football field 11 (2 football fields 7)
4 tennis courts
Rugby pitch
Olympic pool

One of the C.A.D. administrative and technical offices is also in this campus, where you can book facilities for its private use, registering for courses and/or competitions, and ask for information.

Cartuja Campus

The Cartuja Campus sport facilities are next to the Granada Charterhouse. The following facilities are available:

1 indoor sports hall
1 indoor football field (artificial turf)
1 football field 11 (2 football fields 7)
4 paddle tennis courts

There is another office of the C.A.D. in this Campus, where you can book facilities, register for courses and ask for any further information you need about our activities and competitions.

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